Our Services

Our Services

We provide value added services, which ensure our solutions run smoothly for your business. Our dedicated teams, innovative solutions and services provide you with assistance to be at par with technology upgrades, process simplifications, maintenance, end-to-end solutions, etc.

Our Services

At TSW we are constantly working at finding new and better ways to add value to packaging and provide your business with expert solutions that help you focus on your core activities, while we take care of complete packaging.

Field engineering

Field engineering

Our Field Engineering resources and test labs conduct tests, audits, quality and performance checks, design and cost evaluations, etc., to help you achieve efficient and economic solutions for packaging, handling and shipping. With more than two decades of experience in developing packaging systems for Indian industries, Signode India, offers bespoke solutions for every credible application. Signode has invested in field engineering resources and test lab, to achieve this goal. Our solutions include:

  • Pack style development
  • Replacement or reduction of wood usage in packaging
  • Export packaging
  • Packaging spend evaluation and cost reduction
  • Packaging audit, consultancy and training
  • Onsite evaluation and field trials including in- transit vibration monitoring
  • Arrival condition reports anywhere in the world
  • Packaging development at key vendors of key customers

Total packaging evaluation

Transforming your packaging testing with comprehensive evaluations for your packaging. Our full spectrum packaging evaluation services review physical as well as chemical properties of your packaging of products. Our expertise ensures your packaging protects your products and meets necessary regulations. Our services will help in faster decision making on product packaging. Our fast, flexible and expert approach helps identify the best packaging options for your product, inefficiencies and cost savings at every step of your packaging process, along with suitable and viable ways to improve your packaging process, and meet your business goals.

Total packaging evaluation
Annual maintenance contract

Annual maintenance contract

Our maintenance contracts are designed to maintain optimum performance of your equipment, thereby maximizing efficiency, minimizing loss of time and costs, due to unexpected downtime or interruptions. Our preventative maintenance service program is designed for the same. Some of the key benefits of this program are:

  • Maximizes equipment performance and lifetime
  • Results in longer production runs without interruptions
  • Reduces investment in spare parts inventory
  • Better budget planning due to fixed cost for maintenance and repair
  • Provides complete inspections and equipment repairs

Machine and tools service

Our expert team repair and service your tools and machines to deliver high efficiency. With quick turnaround time, onsite repairs, and easy access to inventory, we ensure you quality service at all times. Our service engineers are highly skilled and trained, to repair your equipment and tools to high quality standards.

Our service offerings:

  • Equipment audits
  • Emergency breakdown repair
  • Ad-hoc maintenance service
  • Preventive maintenance service program
  • Installation & Commissioning of Signode equipment
  • Training of your operators and maintenance staff
  • Original Signode quality spare parts
Machine and tools service